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Our goals

  • To develop a positive self-image and a feeling of self-worth.
  • To develop an awareness of the needs of others, being able and willing to extend emotional hospitality toward others.
  • To develop a clear idea of acceptable and unacceptable behavior, and an interest in doing the acceptable things. To this end, then move toward the achievement of self-discipline.
  • To develop resourcefulness in finding positive ways to satisfy their needs for attention, communication, productiveness and challenge.


Location: 2225 W Seltice Way, Post Falls, ID 83854

Telephone: (208) 773-1301


School Hours: M-F: 6:30am – 6:00pm


Location: 103 W 11th AvePost Falls, ID 83854

Telephone: (208) 773-7652


School Hours: M-F: 6:30am – 6:00pm

Our Purpose

The preschool is a weekly program providing instruction to all children within a Christian Environment. The basic purpose is to:

  • Provide a unique opportunity to help children, learn to be warm, outgoing, and responsible people being taught by qualified, loving teachers.
  • Be concerned for each individual by giving each child an opportunity for mental, social, emotional, and spiritual growth development.
  • Provide a supervised and educational opportunity by offering a program of vigorous play, quiet creative activities, and the chance to know, accept and establish relationships with others.
  • Extend the child’s world beyond his/her immediate family and neighborhood.
  • Promote parent education.
  • Introduce the child to simple stories of Jesus


Creative Kids is the best daycare/preschool decision we have ever made. The entire staff is incredibly generous and loving; they treat our son as though he is one of their own. Infant, toddler, and preschool age kiddos are challenging for parents and the Creative Kids staff has definitely made it a lot easier during this adventure. I would recommend this daycare/preschool to any and all. We love the staff and so does my son!

The Nichols Family

The kids love it here! They adjusted really quickly. Every day the kids are clean, happy, and learning things. I love the activities, the teachers, and the peace of mind I have when I leave my kiddos here every day.

The Barber Family

You can tell how good they are by the length of the wait list. Our boys love it, and everyone is flexible and willing to work with you to make it a great experience for your children to make sure they are developing as brightly as they should!

The Stern Family

My children have been cared for at creative kids for 3 years. I never worry about their safety or well-being. Most of the teachers there have their own children at the facility. They treat all the children like their own. I feel like the staff is more than staff-they are aunts and uncles to my kids. One incident I can honestly recall as life changing was when my ( then 5 year old ) choked. The teacher caring for them at the time didn’t hesitate to perform the Heimlich on him. That night was a snow storm and 911 would have not responded in time. She saved his life. I wouldn’t have known what to do had I even been there as I I’m not CPR certified. I trust them all completely.

The Kreaman Family

Nearly 23 years ago I went to Creative Kids. I have such fond memories of my time there that when it was time for my four month old to go to childcare, I knew I wanted him to go to Creative Kids too. Karen and Kristen are absolutely wonderful as is the rest of the staff. My son lights up when he sees Miss Tina every morning! I know he is loved and well taken care of while my husband and I work!

Kelly West

I love this place, they take such good care of my son; his social skills have grown, including sign language. I love that I can visit whenever and they send home little notes.

The Suazo Family

Creative Kids

We believe that young children learn best through direct involvement with people and hands on experience.  The child’s changing developmental needs will be met by providing appropriate activities and experiences that challenge the child, allows individual creativity and growth in the following areas:

Physical, Social Emotional, Creative, Intellectual.

Children will have a chance to explore, experiment, discover concepts, problem solve, cooperate, express thoughts and feelings, take initiative and responsibility, make friends and appreciate our world.  It is our commitment to help children develop into confident, caring, creative, capable and loving people.


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The Arenas of Development

To promote each child’s growth and general health.

  • The recommended immunization program is completed for each child.
  • Abnormal physical conditions are detected.
  • Each child makes progress toward ideal height and weight norms.

To help each child gain social and personal adjustment needed for daily living.

  • Child develops self-esteem by positive sense of self-identification.
  • Child demonstrates self-confidence in relationships with adults by asking for help when needed and seeking affection when desired.
  • Child demonstrates self-confidence in relations with other children by planning and sharing.
  • Child develops ability to understand and manage his/her emotions – frustration, fear, joy etc.
  • Child develops an increasing sense of responsibility appropriate for his/her age.
  • Child develops persistence in completing a task and the ability to concentrate for increasing periods of time.
  • Child develops a sense of time as to when activities and events occur and recur in the daily schedule.
  • Objectionable behavior patterns which affect the child’s acceptance of him/herself and by others are identified and modified.

To help each child develop body and manual coordination appropriate for his/her age.

  • Child develops progressively complicated gross motor skills, such as walking, stair climbing, running, hopping, dancing and playing ball.
  • Child develops progressively complicated manual coordination from initial ability to grasp to eventual use of simple tools, such as crayons, scissors, hammer, etc.

To help each child develop language skills, problem-solving ability, and perception.

  • The child develops verbal and communication skills as evidenced by the use of growing vocabulary, connected sentences, plurals, and understandable speech.
  • The child develops number concepts by knowing his/her age, counting of objects and relationships of “more” or “less”.
  • The child develops an understanding of abstract concepts such as “over and under” “up and down,” “sooner or later,” “near and far, “ etc.
  • The child develops color discrimination by ability or sort and match objects by color and to name various colors.

To help each child develop creative potential.

  • The child uses materials provided by the center (such as paper, glue, paints, wood, blocks, etc.) to create designs and objects.
  • The child displays imagination, as in dramatic play, storytelling, etc.

To help each child develop skill and independence in caring for him/herself

  • The child learns to feed him/herself and to use eating and drinking utensils properly.
  • The child learns to dress him/herself, to wash, and to assume responsibility to the toilet, according to age.
A Word

From Our Owner

” We are excited to spend time with you and your amazing children.  We value the ability to pour into their lives and cherish the trust you place in us!  Many Blessings! “

– Karen


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Midtown Location

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